Frank John Sixt MA, LLL


Frank John Sixt, aged 72, has been a Director and Chairman since January 1998 and December 2023, and Alternate Director to Mr Lai since February 2008. Mr Sixt is an executive director, group finance director and deputy managing director of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (“CKHH”). Since 1991, he has been a director of Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited (“Cheung Kong (Holdings)”) and Hutchison Whampoa Limited (“HWL”), both of which were formerly listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“SEHK”) and became wholly owned subsidiaries of CKHH in 2015. He has been a director of TPG Telecom Limited (ASX: TPG) (formerly Vodafone Hutchison Australia Limited) since 2001. He is also chairman and a non-executive director of TOM Group Limited (“TOM”), an executive director of CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited (“CKI”), and a director of Cenovus Energy Inc. and an alternate director to a director of HK Electric Investments Manager Limited (“HKEIML”) as the trustee-manager of HK Electric Investments (“HKEI”) and HK Electric Investments Limited (“HKEIL”). He was previously a commissioner of PT Indosat Tbk (“PT Indosat”). The aforementioned companies are either the ultimate holding company of HTAL, or subsidiaries or associated companies of CKHH of which Mr Sixt has oversight as director of CKHH. He has almost four decades of legal, global finance and risk management experience, and possesses deep expertise in overseeing financial reporting system, risk management and internal control systems as well as sustainability issues and related risks. Mr Sixt holds a Master’s degree in Arts and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Law, and is a member of the Bar and of the Law Society of the Provinces of Québec and Ontario, Canada.


Barry Roberts-Thomson

Deputy Chairman

Barry Roberts-Thomson, aged 74, has been a Director since February 1989 and was Managing Director of HTAL from its inception in 1989 until September 2001. In his capacity as Deputy Chairman, Mr Roberts-Thomson represents HTAL in government relations and strategic projects. Mr Roberts-Thomson has also served as a director of TPG from 2001 until his resignation in July 2020 and he also serves as a director on HTAL’s subsidiary, Hutchison 3G Australia Holdings Pty Limited.


Steven Paul Allen LLB


Steven Paul Allen, aged 61, has been a Director since January 2024.  Mr Allen is a solicitor with extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions.  He joined the CKHH group in November 1996 and is currently CKHH Group General Counsel, Head of Mergers and Acquisitions.  During his time with the CKHH group, Mr Allen has particularly worked on M&A transactions, joint ventures and operational and regulatory compliance matters for the CKHH group’s telecoms businesses in Europe, Israel, Asia and Australia, including work on many of the Company’s transactions and regulatory compliance matters.  Mr Allen has a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Adelaide and qualified as a solicitor in South Australia, in England and Wales and in Hong Kong.


Melissa Anastasiou


Melissa Anastasiou, aged 52, has been a Director since March 2020. Ms Anastasiou is currently General Counsel for Spark New Zealand Limited (“Spark”) where she is responsible for oversight of the legal and compliance functions, providing Spark with strategic legal and commercial guidance, ensuring the business acts lawfully and with the utmost integrity. Ms Anastasiou joined Spark in 2009 and undertook a number of legal roles across the organisation before being appointed as Group General Counsel in 2012 and to the Spark Leadership Squad on 1 July 2018. Ms Anastasiou has held a range of responsibilities during her time at Spark, including as the Executive Sponsor for Spark’s Wholesale business and currently, as a director on a number of Spark subsidiary boards (including Spark New Zealand Trading Limited and Spark Finance Limited (NZX Listed Issuer)) and of Connexa Limited (Spark’s Towerco joint venture with Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan). She has also played a pivotal role in leading Spark’s diversity and inclusion programme. Prior to joining Spark, Ms Anastasiou spent a number of years as a Senior Legal Counsel for UK mobile provider Telefonica O2. She also has extensive experience working for leading corporate law firms in Auckland and the UK. Ms Anastasiou has a Bachelor of Laws from Victoria University of Wellington.


Susan Mo Fong Chow BSc


Susan Mo Fong Chow, aged 70, has been a Director since December 2019. Mrs Chow is a non-executive director of CKHH. She was an executive director and group deputy managing director from June 2015 to July 2016 and senior advisor from August 2016 to December 2016 of CKHH. From 1993 to 2016, she was a director of HWL. Prior to joining HWL, Mrs Chow was a partner of Woo Kwan Lee & Lo, a major law firm in Hong Kong. She is an independent non-executive director of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. Mrs Chow was previously an alternate director to a director of CKI, HKEIML as the trustee-manager of HKEI and HKEIL. She also previously served as a member of the Listing Committee of the SEHK, the Joint Liaison Committee on Taxation of the Law Society of Hong Kong, the Committee on Real Estate Investment Trusts of the Securities and Futures Commission, the Trade and Industry Advisory Board, the Court of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Appeal Boards Panel (Education). Mrs Chow is a qualified solicitor and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.


Justin Herbert Gardener BEc, FCA, AGIA


Justin Herbert Gardener, aged 87, has been a Director since July 1999. Mr Gardener has been a director of a number of private and publicly listed companies including Austar United Communications Limited (appointed 1999 and retired 2008). From 1961, and until his retirement in 1998, Mr Gardener held a variety of positions with Arthur Andersen, becoming a partner in 1972 and for the last ten years in a management and supervisory role for Asia Pacific. Mr Gardener is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and an Associate of the Governance Institute and holds a Bachelor of Economics Degree from University of Sydney.


Lai Kai Ming, Dominic BSc, MBA


Lai Kai Ming, Dominic, aged 70, has been a Director since May 2004 and Alternate Director to Mr Sixt since May 2006. Mr Lai is an executive director and deputy managing director of CKHH. He was finance director and chief operating officer of the AS Watson group, the retail arm of the CKHH group, from 1994 to 1997 and group managing director of the Harbour Plaza Hotel Management group, the former hotel business of HWL, from 1998 to 2000. Since 2000, he has been a director of HWL. Mr Lai is also a non-executive director of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited (“HTHKH”), a commissioner of PT Duta Intidaya Tbk, and an alternate director to directors of HTHKH and an alternate director to a director of TOM. He was also Alternate Director to Mr Fok Kin Ning, Canning of HTAL from December 2016 to 28 December 2023. The aforementioned companies are either the ultimate holding company of HTAL, or subsidiaries or associated companies of CKHH of which Mr Lai has oversight as director of CKHH. Mr Lai has over 40 years of management experience in different industries. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.



John Michael Scanlon


John Michael Scanlon, aged 82, has been a Director since July 2005. Mr Scanlon is a special venture partner to Clarity Partners LLP, a private equity firm. From 1965 through to 1988, his career was with AT&T, primarily Bell Labs, rising to group vice president of AT&T. Mr Scanlon then went on to become president and general manager of Motorola’s Cellular Networks and Space Sector, founding chief executive officer of Asia Global Crossing, chief executive officer of Global Crossing and chairman and chief executive officer of PrimeCo Cellular.


Woo Chiu Man, Cliff BSc


Woo Chiu Man, Cliff, aged 70, has been a Director since August 2016. Mr Woo has been an executive director and chief executive officer of HTHKH since 2017 and was re-designated as co-deputy chairman and a non-executive director of HTHKH in 2018. He is also a commissioner of PT Indosat. He held various senior technology management positions in the telecommunications industry before joining the group of HWL in 1998. He was deputy managing director of Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited from 2000 to 2004. He was also an executive director of Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited in 2005. He was seconded to Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Limited (now known as TPG Telecom Limited) as chief technology officer from 2012 to 2013 and was part of the core management team. He possesses extensive operations experience in the telecommunications industry and has been involved in cellular technology for over 33 years. Mr Woo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and a Diploma in Management for Executive Development. He is a Chartered Engineer and also a Member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK) and The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.