Corporate Governance

At HTAL, we are committed to conducting our business with the highest standards of business ethics and adhering to our legal and regulatory obligations. We regard compliance with these obligations to be the corner stone of our corporate relations with our customers, employees, shareholders and other business stakeholders. To this end, HTAL’s Board of Directors has put in place formal guidelines representing the Board’s policy on best practice corporate governance. These guidelines outline the composition and responsibilities of the Board and Board committees, and the Company’s policies relating to continuous disclosure, shareholder communications, share dealing policy and corporate code of conduct. The guidelines are reviewed by the Board regularly and amended as required.

Shareholder Communications Policy

Share Dealing Policy

Board Charter

Audit & Risk Committee Charter

Governance Nomination and Compensation Committee Charter

Code of Conduct

Continuous Disclosure Policy

Risk Management Policy

Diversity Policy

Whistleblower Policy

HTAL Constitution – 7 May 2021